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Arowana Products, Arowana Food ( Shrimp & Sticks) & Azoo Products

Azoo Plus Discus Vitamins

Provides essential minerals and nutrients. Cures Nutritional diseases of wild & captive bred discus Promotes healthy growth, vivid body colours & good body shape. Significantly enhances the metabolism & resistance to diseases in fish.

Call for Price: 011 826 5887

Azoo Plus Cloudy Treatment

Condenses the suspended matter in a mature aquarium ( green or cloudy) and rapidly clears the colour of the water. (250ml)

Call for Price: 011 826 5887

Azoo Nature Gro Plant Premium

Includes all required nutrients for green and red aquatic plants. Just one bottle can successfully give you professionally cultivated aquatic plants in your aquarium. (100ml)

Call for Price: 011 826 5887

Azoo Plus Aquaguard Plus

All new tannin extraction method. Instantly eliminates ammonia, residual chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and other toxic substances. Natural organic matters and vitamins to promote fish vitality and colour enhancement.

Call for Price: 011 826 5887

Azoo Plus Ultra BioGuard

Special probiotics that can quickly decompose nitrous acid, ammonia, nitrates, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances.

Call for Price: 011 826 5887

Azoo Active filter 4 in 1

Removes harmful substances. Lasts up to 12 months. Recyclable in to plant use. Detoxifies free radicals. Improves aquatic species life spand and diseases resistance. (1pack=12pieces)

Call for Price: 011 826 5887

Azoo Plus Arowana Auto Recycle

Contains high levels of natural aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. Decomposes organic compounds, fish excrement, uneaten foods, NH4, N02, N03, hydrogen sulfide & other harmful substances.(250ml)

Call for Price: 011 826 5887

Azoo Plus Carbon Plus

Carbon plus provides organic carbon for aquatic plants. A C02 substitution source promotes ferrous state of iron. 250ml treats 10 000L.


Call for Price: 011 826 5887

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